Men and Media

This is going to be a ranting post, so prepare yourself.

So in my last post, I talked about how I signed up for a kickboxing class, which I am excited and nervous for. I do look forward to feeling better about myself, being stronger and healthier…


When I sit down and really think about it, a lot of my drive comes from the media and men’s perception of an idealistic female body. Sure, meant like curves, but I heard about a study or read an article the other day that men prefer an in-shape, lean woman, whereas women are okay with a guy with a few extra pounds. So, in terms of trying to find a man, since I don’t have a toned, tight body, I’m missing out on a lot of potential suitors.

I also notice, and this is probably a pretty obvious fact, but I’d say a fit, buff guy, is going to expect the same from his partner. “A couple that works out together, stays together”, or whatever that saying is. *insert rolling eye emoji here*.

And then there’s the media. Where do I even begin? The magazines, the models, the movies, All these women are “perfect”, or what we’ve been taught to believe what perfect   looks like.

I see these women on Instagram, and damn, they are hot. I want to look like that. But is that normal? That I feel I need to look like all these other women? No. I see the Victoria Secret models and I wish I looked like them, but that’s impossible. A lot of them probably just have good, tall, lanky genes and who knows what they go through to keep it that way. It’s probably not a healthy lifestyle.

Women have been made to feel if you don’t look that that, then you’re not perfect. You have to look like that.

Yes, some women don’t care and are happy the way they are. I am for the most part, but I wish my clothes fit like they used to and that I didn’t feel the need to cover my flabby stomach all the time, or feel embarrassed to be in a bathing suit. We all have something that bothers us or that we want to change. We are very hard on ourselves, but I still blame the media and the world we live in.

Imagine we lived in a world where there was no tv, no advertisements, no magazine, no social media. Then there would be no pressure to try and look like anyone else. There would be no one to compare ourselves to, no idol that we are trying to become. No need to butt implants and botox in our lips, (ew, by the way).

I hate to admit, that I do want to look better. I want to be attractive and desired and I feel like my figure is holding me back. It’s a small percentage though. I really need to be stronger and more in shape because I have to many back and knee problems already, I have for years. Soccer and softball just aren’t enough.

That’s all I have to say about that.




I’ve added some articles below I came across about France cracking down on anorexia and zero sized models. Click below and give them a read!

runway-modelsFrance Cracks Down on Anorexia

Size 0 Models Banned at Paris Fashion Week


Kicking it Off – Time to Get Healthy


Tonight I signed up for a six week kickboxing fitness challenge. I’m nervous but at the same time I am looking forward to it. I think the part that I’m most nervous about is not the actual workout itself but the meal plan and strict diet I will be required to follow. Not only will I need to follow a specific nutritional plan that’s designed just for me but I can only buy certain groceries and use certain recipes. If that’s not enough, I have to take photos every time I buy my groceries and every time I do a meal prep and upload them to a group online so that hour fitness coach can see that we are truly following the plan he has set for us. Whoa!

We are required to work out three times a week for 30 minutes each. When we arrive at the gym we will be signed in using a scanner that we are giving and we also have to check it in on Facebook a certain amount of times over the course of the challenge.

We will also be weighed in every week and before and after photos will be taken so we can see our results.

If we meet our goal – the whole 6 weeks is free!

Looking forward to giving it a try and I hope I can stick to it! Even if I don’t get amazing results, it will be a good change of pace and still nice to be getting in shape and eating well!




It is heart wrenching to know there are human beings out there in the world struggling with addiction. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, or something else.

These people are everywhere. Across the globe, across the country, across the street.

What causes them to crave these substances? Why do they get sucked in? Why are they letting themselves hit rock bottom? A part of me wishes I knew what that feeling was, but I could never in a million years bring myself to experience it. I just wish I knew what these poor souls were feeling and thinking.

I’ve watched more than my fair share of Intervention shows, but I don’t need that to understand there are psychological factors behind these decisions. It always seems to route back to a traumatic event in their childhood. It must also take a chemical imbalance in the brain for a person to not be able to handle any trauma and go down the wrong path.

I very recently lost a family member to drug addiction and it is hard to believe someone must feel so strongly, that they let these substances take over their life, their families lives. It is incredibly saddening.

If you are reading this and you are struggling with an addiction, please tell someone. Ask for help, there is no shame in it! Do not feel you aren’t good enough. We as a human race need to look out for each other. We can support each other.

If you know someone who is struggling, always be there for them no matter what. Don’t give up on them. They are not themselves when they are using but will always appreciate your kindness and love when they are in a clear state of mind, plus you’d never forgive yourself if you didn’t feel you did everything you possibly could to help.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences. There are no judgments here.

– C

Warm pudding.

It’s challenging when you think your friends are your friends and it turns out they are not.

I now have this very alone feeling even though I’m surrounded by these people all day whom I thought were my friends.

I’m not lonely. I don’t need to be with someone but I’m shocked to feel these people really aren’t my friends after all. After years together. I feel stabbed in the back. Bullied. Ganged up on.

I understand part of growing up is finding out who your friends truly are. I get that, trust me. I’ve dumped friends before, but I thought this was different.

The people in your life are forever changing.

So I try to keep my head down and work. I try not to socialize more than necessary except for the purpose of formalities and pleasantries.

Now I find myself in my bed at 7:30pm, listening to sad piano melodies and eating warm pudding. Pudding that only mom’s and young children would find appealing.

I sometimes think a psychiatrist would diagnose me as depressed, on certain days. Although they say the people who seem happiest are usually the most depressed, the most alone. Like they are always putting on a facade. Maybe.

Or maybe I’m just having a bad day…or week…or month…two months.

This pudding would be much better cold.

The Mountains are Calling, and I must go

You never realize how small you are until you are standing at the base of a mountain.

                                                                                            I don’t mean the

Mount Edith Cavell, Jasper AB

feeling of insignificance. I mean the feeling of amazement. Realizing there is so much more to the world than us and our daily lives. Bigger than our jobs, and our first world problems.

You realize how big the world really is. There is so more much out there than us and our little worlds and we don’t even know the half of it!

It’s an overwhelming feeling and I must experience more of it.

For the Love of Water

Why do we love being in water so much? 

We vacation and travel the world to spend all of our time in and around the most beautiful bodies of water we can find. 

We install swimming pools in our backyards or in our homes. 

Some even create indoor caverns equipped with a swim up bar!

But what is it really that people love about being in water so much? Is it just the refreshment? Being in our bathing suits? The act of swimming? The salt water?

I don’t think humans are really meant to swim but it’s an activity we’ve come to love. 

What do you love about the water? Please comment!

– Chanty

Find Your Passion

When do we find out what we’re passionate about? Is in our twenties? Fifties? I guess it’s different for every person. Some find it early, some find it late. And how do we find it? Do you just wake up one day and you know? Or do we constantly need to try new things to cross things off the list? By now you can probably tell I have no idea what I am passionate about.

I know I want to help people. I like to travel. I want to see places completely different from here. I know I’m interested in photography, and maybe that could be my passion? But that seems to be everyone’s passion these days. Everyone and their uncle is a photographer these days.

I do take photos often but I don’t have a proper camera for it. First I need to invest in that. If it turns out photography is not for me, well then at least I have a really good camera.

How did you find your passion? Please share by commenting! I would love to know what people are passionate about!


A Purpose

I’m sure we’re all put on this planet for a reason, some people say. I’m not really sure we are born with a purpose, but that we can find one, and I think everyone should. Whether you volunteer your time building homes, or at the local shelter, or you adopt animals who need homes, or plant trees, or clean up the garbage on the side of the road every now and then, we should all be doing something to help our planet and help each other and better ourselves.

Although, I’m being hypocritical, I currently don’t do any of those things, but I want to. I did clean up a lot of garbage out of our front garden and help my landlord a lot with  landscaping duties. I want to adopt animals, (don’t we all), but can’t afford to have pets at this time. I donate my clothes to women’s shelters or GoodWill.

I’m thinking bigger than that though. How do we change lives? Really be part of the community. Make a difference in the world.

I’d really love to travel and volunteer, go overseas, but then you’re leaving your life behind. Having to leave your job, put all your belongings in storage – if you’re going for an extended period of time.

I’d love to know what you do to help your community or help someone in need! Please feel free to share!


Come together, right now, over me.

I saw an amazing thing today.

Although it was under unfortunate circumstances, I witnessed an entire community come together to support a family. It felt like everyone dropped what they were doing, left work, left home and came to give this family their well-wishes. Just incredible. This will happen over the next few days, weeks and months. It restores my faith in humanity. It’s nice to know that if you ever needed support, these people would be there for you. I have experienced their support first hand and it is quite incredible. I am very lucky to be a part of this community.

Just a dream

I wake up early than normal, which makes me grumpy. I love sleeping in. I squint and stretch my arms and my legs to their full extent and rub my eyes open. The light shining through the windows and doors is just too bright to ignore. I groan and lazily force myself out of my favorite place in the world; bed. I pull myself to my feet and slowly saunter towards the sliding glass door where the light pours through. I slide the door open, the warm breeze forcing the white curtains to flow around me and my hair to whip around my face. Stepping out onto the balcony, I  no longer feel bothered about getting out of bed early, not when I get to wake up to this view everyday. For as far as my eyes can see, water. Beautiful, clear, inviting, turquoise water. The soft white sand greets it every time it rolls in. The sound of the waves crashing in is music to my ears. I sigh happily, leaning against the railing, taking it all in as the inviting breeze grazes my skin. I realize I have never felt so happy in my entire life than in this moment. It feels like time has stopped. This is perfect. This is my dream come true, and I get to experience it every single morning. What a wonderful way to start each day.