Welcome! Let me tell you a little about who I am…

I am a twenty-six year old woman north of Toronto, Ontario. I live in a basement apartment by myself. I’ve been on my own (not at home with parents) for 9 years. I have decide to blog again instead of spending all  my spare time Netflixing and watching Say Yes to the Dress. I enjoy writing to share my thoughts, ideas and stories. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

I currently work in the automotive industry and what I ride it has been! I never imagined I would be here. The automotive industry was never something I considered for myself, it wasn’t even a thought, as if it didn’t exist. I’ve met some of the best people in my life here. And who doesn’t love being around incredible cars all day! Nearly 5 years later, I am glad I fell into it and don’t regret a single moment.

Photography is another interest of mine, but everyone in the world is a photographer these days, and that’s makes me a little less interested. There are already incredible photographers out there and I’d never even compare to their capabilities. Do we really need another photographer in the world? One day I’ll get a big girl camera though, just for my own pleasure, but for now, my iphone does the trick to document my experiences.

I play indoor soccer in the winter and co-ed softball all the other months of the year. Softball ends up being several times a week as I sub for other leagues on top of playing for my own, so the summer is a very busy time!

Passionate about seeing the world, but when my friends have been to 30+ countries and I’ve only seen 4% of the world (7 countries), it’s a little discouraging. Although I know I am still very lucky to have seen what I have. If you’d like to read the places I’ve been and what I thought about them – check out my reviews on Trip Advisor–> Where I’ve been

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask! I’m an open book!