A Purpose

I’m sure we’re all put on this planet for a reason, some people say. I’m not really sure we are born with a purpose, but that we can find one, and I think everyone should. Whether you volunteer your time building homes, or at the local shelter, or you adopt animals who need homes, or plant trees, or clean up the garbage on the side of the road every now and then, we should all be doing something to help our planet and help each other and better ourselves.

Although, I’m being hypocritical, I currently don’t do any of those things, but I want to. I did clean up a lot of garbage out of our front garden and help my landlord a lot with  landscaping duties. I want to adopt animals, (don’t we all), but can’t afford to have pets at this time. I donate my clothes to women’s shelters or GoodWill.

I’m thinking bigger than that though. How do we change lives? Really be part of the community. Make a difference in the world.

I’d really love to travel and volunteer, go overseas, but then you’re leaving your life behind. Having to leave your job, put all your belongings in storage – if you’re going for an extended period of time.

I’d love to know what you do to help your community or help someone in need! Please feel free to share!



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