Find Your Passion

When do we find out what we’re passionate about? Is in our twenties? Fifties? I guess it’s different for every person. Some find it early, some find it late. And how do we find it? Do you just wake up one day and you know? Or do we constantly need to try new things to cross things off the list? By now you can probably tell I have no idea what I am passionate about.

I know I want to help people. I like to travel. I want to see places completely different from here. I know I’m interested in photography, and maybe that could be my passion? But that seems to be everyone’s passion these days. Everyone and their uncle is a photographer these days.

I do take photos often but I don’t have a proper camera for it. First I need to invest in that. If it turns out photography is not for me, well then at least I have a really good camera.

How did you find your passion? Please share by commenting! I would love to know what people are passionate about!



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